Contact us today for a GREAT deal on some used ASME tubes. 
Previously in compressed air service. Dimensions are 24" O.D. and 20'6" long. MAWP is 3400 psig.
We have up to 90 tubes (30 x 3-pak module) available.
99.999+% Neon available in 6200L, 300L, 100L, 50L and 25L packagings available. Call or email today for more information.
DOT/TC dual stamped industrial gas cylinders available to ship. Sizes as below:

49L (300 cf)
43.3L (250 cf)
27L (150 cf)
21.6L (125 cf)
15.74L (80 cf)
10.82L (55 cf)

Please call or email for more information.
A brand new DOT tube trailer optimized for helium transport (154,000 scf) is available for outright purchase, capital lease or operational lease.  Call or email for more information. 
Bluetain Consulting, Inc. is officially in business on this day. Contact us to see how we can help your organization. 

I'll be posting updates here occasionally. And If I think there are information out there that are interesting or helpful to those in the specialty gas and equipment industry, I will post them too. Of course, I assume no liability for the information you read and use. Please use them at your own discretion.